If you would like to find out when I post something new to my web site, here are three ways to do it (ranging from least work to most useful):

  1. Just check josephsmarr.com periodically. Newest stories are at the top, and you can use the calendar and category links on the right sidebar to see what I’ve written.
  2. Subscribe via e-mail. If you want to receive an e-mail for each post I write, enter it in the “subscribe via e-mail” section on the right sidebar and click “subscribe”, or, if that smacks of effort, you can enter it here:

    Subscribe via e-mail:

  3. Subscribe via Bloglines (or another feed reader). If you’re reading other blogs besides mine, you should really consider using a tool to aggregate them. Bloglines is my favorite–it’s web-based (no downloads) and it shows you how many articles are unread in each blog you read (just like an e-mail program shows you unread messages). I have a “Subscribe with Bloglines” button on my sidebar, or you should be able to enter josephsmarr.com into most feed readers to subscribe. If your feed reader requires the actual RSS URL, it’s http://josephsmarr.com/feed/.

If you’re not really a “blog reader”, I recommend subscribing via e-mail. It will essentially turn my blog into a mailing list you can subscribe to. And you can still click through to leave a comment when the fancy strikes you.

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