The social web is opening up, and its seems everybody wants to talk about it. Between the technologies, companies, and privacy / control issues involved, there is no shortage of strong opinions. And at Plaxo, we\’ve found ourselves right in the middle of all the fun, both due to the continued success of Pulse, and because we\’ve been consistently vocal advocates and early adopters of the open route.

Perhaps that explains why I find myself about to head out on the road for nearly back-to-back speaking appearances at a number of great conferences. This is going to be a marathon, but I can\’t wait! I love to talk about these issues, and I love engaging with the community. So stop by and say hi if you\’re going to be at one or more of these events:

Future of Web Apps Miami: Miami, Feb 28 – Mar 1
Workshop: Implementing Open Social Web support on your site (Feb 28, 1:30pm – 5:00pm)
Panel: The Future of Social Networks (Feb 29, 11:15am – 11:55am)

Graphing Social Patterns West: San Diego, Mar 3-4
Panel: Privacy Management & Data Portability for Social Networks (Mar 3, 4:15pm)

MIX: Las Vegas, Mar 5 – 7
Panel: Social Networks: Where Are They Taking Us? (Mar 6, 2:30pm – 3:45pm) [filter \”Speaker\” for \”Joseph Smarr\” to see session details]

South by Southwest Interactive: Austin, Mar 7-11
Panel: Building Portable Social Networks (Mar 10, 5:00pm – 6:00pm)

Web 2.0 Expo, San Francisco, Apr 22-25
Talk: Data Portability, Privacy, and the Emergence of the Social Web (Mar 23, 10:50am)