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Joseph Smarr » OpenSocial, OpenID, and OAuth! Oh, My! (Google I/O)

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May 2008
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OpenSocial, OpenID, and OAuth! Oh, My! (Google I/O)

OpenSocial, OpenID, and OAuth! Oh, My!
Google I/O
San Francisco, CA
May 29, 2008

Download PPT (7.3 MB)

Update: Google has posted a full-length video of my talk, along with a web-friendly copy of my slides.

Giving my talk: I was one of only a few non-Google employees who was invited to give a talk at Google’s big developer conference, Google I/O, in San Francisco. This was a huge event, and Google clearly went all-out on design and production. Not only were there a ton of talks and an amazing reception party, the open spaces were filled with colorful balls, beanbags, drink and snack stations (including made-to-order giant pretzels with salt), pool tables, demo areas, and more. This definitely felt like being inside the Googleplex.

Chilling in Google's beanbag chairsMost of the talks focused on a particular Google API, product, or service, and they were organized into tracks like “Maps & Geo”, “Mobile”, and of course “Social”, where my talk lived. Not surprisingly, most of the Social talks focused on OpenSocial, and originally I was asked to present as an OpenSocial container (on behalf of Plaxo). When I suggested that I could probably add even more value by talking about all the other building blocks of the open social web and how they complement OpenSocial, they were enthusiastic, and so my talk was born. I got to do a first version of a talk on this theme at Web 2.0 Expo in April, but enough things had changed in the world since last month that I had to do quite a bit of revising and adding to that talk for Google I/O (a sign of how quickly things are moving in this space!)

Open Social Web pool classicI gave my talk on Thursday morning and the room was literally packed to the walls. Several people came up to me afterwards and lamented that they’d tried to get in but were turned away because the room was already over capacity. Wow, I guess people really do want to understand how the social web is opening up! I was very pleased with how the talk went, judging both by the positive feedback I received (in person and in tweets) and by the long and engaged Q&A session that followed for more than half an hour after the talk officially ended. Interestingly, 100% of the questions were about the details of how these technologies work and how to best apply them, rather than whether opening up the social web is a good idea in the first place or whether it’s feasible. Granted, this was a developer conference, but it’s still a strong indication to me of the momentum that our movement has generated, and the increasing extent to which people view it as both inevitable and good. We’re definitely making progress, and I couldn’t be more excited to keep pushing forward!

Update: My partner-in-crime John McCrea has coverage of my talk, including photos and a video clip he shot towards the end of my talk.


    A great! Thanks for this. If anyone recorded more on video please let us know!

  • Ashish Tonse

    Great talk, Joe. (I'm the twitterer you quoted). It definitely helped me understand where they all fit in with the overall picture. weblivz, google is putting up full sessions next week.

  • Dan Brickley

    Great presentation… any chance you could also post a PDF, maybe a version in Slideshare?

  • Dan Brickley

    I have exactly same feeling about putting my stuff up there. I'll host ppt/pdf locally too, and source files. But their flash-conversion is (sadly) kind of handy. And there's all that social stuff too. Similar logic had my photos all end up on Flickr…

    All's well here. I left Joost, am spending some time catching up on all things 'social Web', … and figuring out what's important to focus on. Interesting times eh?

  • Joseph Smarr

    Yeah, I should probably start putting these talks in SlideShare. I'm just used to hosting them myself, and I guess I need to get used to posting them twice (unless I just live exclusively on slideshare, but that somehow makes me nervous in terms of long-term preservation, though not for any specific reason). Thanks for the feedback Dan, and hope all is well for you!

  • therealmccrea


    Please do post via Slideshare. And, as you know, I think you rocked. That was an awesome presentation. High energy and profound content. I really feel like we are on the cusp of the next phase of the Web, and the electricity is flowing. Go, man, go!