June 23rd, 2005
Joseph and Michelle


May this smarriage be truly smagnificent! Love you both.
Again, congratulations Joseph, and Michi, so many happy wishes to you my dear girl. I definitely recognize some of the hats in those pictures from our old hat-hunting days. I think you two are both so classy and clever and wonderful... and I'm so excited to be a part of making this fabulous pair official. Love from the tundra that is Rochester, can't wait to see you (and the sun) this summer!
Michelle & Joseph, We're so happy to be a part of this momentous occasion, and can't wait to see both of you shine on the big day. We know that this wedding will be a once in a lifetime experience in so many ways! Love,
Amber & Chris
So like, guess you guys'll be gettin' married soon or something, huh? Cool.
Benjy Smarr
As per your request, I am leaving a note here in the guestbook! So very excited about everything. I get a big smile every time I log on and look at the pictures! BTW- Michelle, MAZAL TOV! ;) Ad Astra!
Congrats, guys! Love the domain name - very clever. :) So sad I will be taking exams rather than celebrating with you. I'm sure it will be beautiful!
Rachael W
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169 days since the wedding

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