June 23rd, 2005
Joseph and Michelle

Wedding Party

Benjamin "Weej" Smarr : Best Man
Joseph's only brother and his best friend. Benjy is unique, artistic, an aspiring mad scientist, and a deeply sweet and caring guy. He recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz and is now doing graduate work in Neuroscience at UC San Diego.

Amber Ulrich : Maid of Honor
Michelle's sorority sister at Stanford and former dorm-room-neighbor of Joseph, she was responsible for introducing us and has been a great friend to us both.

Sam Abrams : Groomsman
Joseph's best friend and partner-in-mischief from Stanford, an astro-chemist turned Harvard political scientist, but his heart still lies on the west coast.

Michael Baym : Groomsman
Joseph's friend literally since birth, Michael stayed at the University of Illinois when Joseph went to off to Stanford, but they kept in touch and visited each other several times. He's spent the most time with Michelle of any of Joseph's CU buddies. Michael is now getting his PhD at MIT in some sort of math/biology/crypto cocktail (as we understand it).

Brian Smarr : Groomsman
Joseph's beloved young cousin (son of his dad's youngest brother Charles), an avid video-gamer and computer hacker in training (pictured in front in the red Jersey).

Doug Chang : Groomsman
Joseph's good friend from Stanford, an accomplished entrepreneur and finder of excellent unknown dining spots.

Sai Patil : Bridesmaid
This girl can DANCE. As Michelle's only roommate ever (freshman year at Stanford), she has intimate knowledge of her private fashion shows and just how eccentric she really is. And for putting up with her then and still loving her now, she will forever consider her to be an angel. Currently works at Bain Consulting in Los Angeles.

Rachel Wiener : Bridesmaid
Rachel is the essence of class and style. Michelle says, "she's my girl with pearl earrings". Rachel and Michelle met in humanities class in high school. She is currently a student at the University of Rochester.

Natalie Polito : Bridesmaid
A world-class opera singer in training. Met Michelle in choir in 6th grade. Natalie puts the glam in Diva, and is Michelle's only hope for getting to see someone she knows performing at the Met. She is currently a student at the Boston Conservatory.

Claire Sierawski : Bridesmaid
Claire is a professional world-saver and free spirit and keeps Michelle grounded. Michelle says, "she's like my other half - I feel so settled down but I can still live some adventures through her courage and experiences." She is currently a student at the University of Pittsburg, but currently travelling/working/studying in China.

Larry Smarr : Father of the Groom

Janet Smarr : Mother of the Groom

Hermann Goebharter : Father of the Bride

Waltraud Goebharter : Mother of the Bride

169 days since the wedding

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