June 23rd, 2005
Joseph and Michelle


A future-loving prince (by Michelle)

From the moment I met Joseph, I felt the most intense emotion wash over me as I realized that the man of my dreams did exist. He was standing right in front of me. He was brilliant and ambitious, sensitive and cultured, and valued love and family. This unique combination of traits is the product of an extraordinary childhood. While I spent my summers in Austria with my family and grandparents, Joseph was a few hundred mile away in Tuscany with his family and grandparents. At home in Illinois, just a few hundred miles away from my home, he found himself at the vortex of some of the greatest developments in computer science and was immediately transfixed by the spell of the computer monitor's glow. His fixation with that glow continues today, sometimes loooooooong after dinner is served, but, genius must be encouraged, and that's what the microwave is for... As Joseph is an entrepreneur at heart, I consider our relationship to be his most successful start-up thus far. Our love has become so profitable that we're ready to take this operation public. We look forward to seeing you at our wedding!

169 days since the wedding

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