How I Spend My Time

I am into technological revolution. I am available for hire on a per-hour basis. My services include WWW design and coding, graphic design and production, java, and digital video editing. In the past, For more information on my qualifications, services, and background, please visit my Online Resumé or, if you have any questions or interests, please feel free to send me email.

Everybody has their artistic medium, mine's guitar. I've played for several years and I love it. Recently, I have been playing in a band called Ragnarok. I love to play long, melodic, dark pieces, as well as metal and a little rock. I play music that I've written as well as by artists who I like. My current combo is a Paul Reed Smith CE-Bolt On and a Marshall 8100 head with 4X12 Cabinet.

I have studied Japanese for about four years. I love the language, but I am also fascinated by the culture and history. I long to travel to Japan, but so far, opportunity has not presented itselft yet. I also have done a lot with coupling Japanese and computers. For example, my name written in Katakana (a Japanese syllabary) looks like this:

Learning all the things I currently know was very difficult, because there was no one to teach me and no consolidated references to learn from. To combat this, I have spent considerable time with eduaction and educational resources. Most recently, I have collaborated with my friend Steve Severinghaus to create a complete and unabridged HTML Dictionary. Check it out!!

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