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Joseph Smarr » Full video of my Google I/O talk now available

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Full video of my Google I/O talk now available

The kind Google I/O folks have now posted a full video of my recent talk, “The Social Web: An Implementer’s Guide“. They did a great job editing back and forth between me and my slides. If you weren’t able to make it to Google I/O (or you thought the talk was so good you want to see it again), then please check it out! :)

  • Kelly Huston

    Hi Joseph, great presentation. I'm not a developer, just a geeky web 2.0/social media user and I've always avoided Plaxo because I had too many bad experiences over the past years with the system bugging me about updating my contact info or something like that. After watching this video I decided to give it a try and I'm working through setting up an account. I haven't invited any friends yet because I'm concerned that it will send them an e-mail and bug like my other friends have done to me…. I guess my point is that I'm giving it a second chance because of you. You should do some more directed videos for us non-techie folks – you're a great presenter.

  • Joseph Smarr

    Speaking of progress rolling out these technologies, l can now easily leave comments using OpenID as part of Disqus, yay!

  • Dania

    Hi Joseph, great presentation! Thanks for sharing it online. I noticed you were using a neat little passwort tool like in 30:31 min in the video. Could you please tell me the name of it?

  • Joseph Smarr

    Sure, it's Sxipper (, a great Firefox plug-in made by Dick Hardt.

  • Miami Catering

    Wow, shame I was unable to attend this year! Any chance of an Ion for a UK-based developer? ;)

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